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First: it's near square. RP doesn't like square. This composition doesn't look good square, in my opinion. If you are 1024 pixels wide you should be 683-819 pixels tall, for RP probably closer to the lower end in many instances, and you are around 900. This one, crop the top. But the light, I can't tell, but it looks light overcast, does not look sunny at all, not well lit. Just not a day to take a standard wedgie and hope for RP acceptance. Try something else on a day like that or just accept in advance that it isn't going to be an RP day.

Second: going away shot! RP does not like those, generally speaking. (BTW, unrelated to the rejection, but detail matters. You have cut off half of the crossbucks in the background, you need a shot taken a few seconds later. Detail matters.)

Generally speaking, with all those rejects, I suspect that you are not doing enough thinking about what you are doing and what works. What have you learned from your 35 rejects? Seriously, write it down in this thread, let's start from there. If you don't remember, you didn't learn anything, too bad.
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