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Originally Posted by Greg P View Post
The things I've learned on this forum:

1.) If the sun isn't out, it better be bad weather or something rare.

2.) If the sun is out, your shadow better be pointing at it or it'll probably be backlit.

3.) Going away shots need to be going towards something pretty awesome.

4.) Don't be a square, when it comes to cropping

5.) Keep the train out of the center.

If you have photoshop elements (and I'm sure a lot of programs have this) when you go to crop, it puts a cross at the center of the photograph. The cross shouldn't' be on the train. I was editing a picture today and I noticed the train was always on the cross no matter how I cropped it. I selected a diff picture to edit.

Another thing I've just started doing is selecting something that will serve as the center of the picture and then letting the train move into the picture.



Are invaluable tools for calculating which way the light will be coming from at a given time and location.
Not exactly. This really just pertains to shooting wedgies. Some of the best pictures on RP break these "rules" but as long as you are shooting wedgies, what you said is spot on.
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Originally Posted by A Friend
everytime i see non-train photos of yours i think, "so much talent. wasted on trains."
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