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Originally Posted by milwman View Post
60D is a fancy rebel, 50D is more of pro camera and under abnormal conditions will do better with the little bumps that go's with railfanning.
A common belief - emphasis on "belief" - brought about because the 60D is polycarbonate (aka, wait for it, the horror, the horror ... PLASTIC - boo!) and the 50D still has magnesium in its frame.

I've never heard of a rebel-line body falling apart or be damaged, in general and in particular not in a circumstance where a xxD body would have been expected to do better. Now, the nifty-fifty, that is another story! I would ignore the concern about little bumps.

The 50D is a 15mp camera with lots of great features. The 60D goes to 18mp, adds video, adds the flip out screen, takes away one feature that everyone is up in arms about (micro adjust for focus for individual lenses). As for the image quality, high ISO or regular, you can go on line and hunt that info down, I no longer remember it. The 60D is a repositioning of the Canon mid-range line, which has offended some. So online you will run into a lot of flack aimed at the 60D. It seems to be an excellent camera, as far as I can tell. Lots of great things said about it.

As for noise, take a look online, but don't commit the fallacy of comparing 100% crops, when those crops necessarily vary because of the difference in pixels. What matters is the final print/image. DPReview says the 60D is an improvement over the 50D.

Some other things to think about, they changed the card (CF->SD) and the battery. I actually ended up with a used 50D (upgrading from a 20D which has the same sensor as your XT), in part because of the big savings, in part because of the additional savings on cards and batteries, in part because I have no interest in video.

Still looking for a buyer for my 20D body!
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