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GO NIKON!, though Canon 50D/7D are not bad options.

I'll bet you could get a great deal on an older, even used if necessary, Nikon D200. If you feel you have too much invested in Canon to make the switch, I'd save up for 7D, it's the only digital Canon camera I've owned that freed me of "I wish I had a Nikon" thoughts. The 40D, and hence, the 50D should be a nice option if the 7D is just too much to spend. As I understand it, Canon has a better and perhaps less costly line of lenses to choose from. Nikons, from what I've seen seem to have better in camera processing and a sharper more dynamic screen which means you can see if you got the shot on the spot and chances are, if you did, you will have much less secondary processing when you get home.

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