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Originally Posted by milwman View Post
Part 1, The screws that hold the mount screw into the mirror box a metal one holds up much better!
Part 2,The mirror moves and if it's gets out of alinement at all getting sharp photos is out, AF won't work right. Same with the lens mount if the lens isn't in the right alinement it wont focus right.
screws: fair enough, in principle, in practice does it make a difference?

mirror: I would think the mirror movement would be most affected by the material and construction of the mirror mechanism, not the frame of the camera and the material it is made of, to which the mechanism is at some point attached.

Why do I go on about this? Because there is something about the strong reaction that people have to "plastic", as though there is only one type and it is flimsy, and as though one would never, ever use "plastic" in any sort of high performance application. It bugs me.

And there is something about the strong reaction to the 60D repositioning, as though repositioning only creates differences that are worse, and as though value has no value.

Call it a personal peeve.
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