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Im serously not in the mood right now smartass. I dont even give a shit if I get banned, you guys really dont care about a good railroad shot, just common power, half-lit shots. Im sure theres a billion examples of perfect 'whatever' you want to use against me right now shots, but I serously dont care anymore. You guys are pricks, and have partially-ruined the hobby for me. You know, theres this neat thing called being polite, which I honestly think ALOT of you need to learn. Sure, there are some nice guys on the forums that I respect, but alot of you are just assholes. Hows it feel to be called what you really are?? Not good I imagine...

Alot of you guys are really dumb. You want to ban me for adding fake snow, which really isnt that big of a deal. Fake snow is an effect, jsut like B&W, Sepia, fake moons, ect, ect... You guys piss me off. And since I cant make all of you go away, Im going away for a while to think about more importnant things such as, "what will I do with my life in 5 years?" I honestly dont want to come back here right now, and I cant beleive how most of you guys act around here. Talking about women, and beer..... BEER! You even know theres teenagers here that may be influenced by comments like that. You should be ashamed of your selves, your all horrible role models to me. so FUCK YOU ALL AND GOOD DAY (NOT).
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