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Originally Posted by magicman_841 View Post
Well, if your pictures are good enough, they get accepted, and you don't need the help of forumites.

It has always amazed me how experienced, knowledgable people (and that is true of every profession/hobby/business/industry/whatnot) always loose sight of how everyone has to start somewhere.
You have me all wrong, and then some.

I have never lost sight of that, and I help out plenty.

All I was saying is that we didn't need a thread that featured lots of sub par shots, as we already see plenty on the forums. I am not complaining about the appearance of those shots in other threads here, the threads asking questions about how to do better. Those shots and threads are a good part of what this forum is all about.

Displaying a bunch of bad shots is not particularly helpful in getting better, unless people want critiques of those shots. Those sorts of critiques already happen elsewhere here. I didn't see the point of this thread, but of course the thread will continue or not regardless of my view, which was a response to some language in one post here.
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