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Default A little added input

A little added input: I get some of this from reading Railway Age, an industry magazine not a railfan publication. From the onset, NS decided DC did the job and while AC had some advantages, the NS motive power chief felt that the advantages did not EQUAL the higher cost. AC units are on a downward sloping price scale, the longer they produce them the cheaper they become. At a certain point the added cost is low enough to equal the advantage.

Also DC units are on a upward sloping price scale. As fewer and few are produced the price for DC actually goes up. At a certain point the two slopes cross each other.

The technology factor plays in as well. At some point NS had to make the move to the most current technology. As the builders who may want to get out of building DC units altogether will price DC higher to make them even less desirable. Once no one orders them they go away.

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