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Default Frustrating Problem with RAW Images

I went out and took some great night exposures of a parked VIA train, and on the camera they turned out great! Right colors, and the right amount of light for each general area of the photo. BUT once they are on the computer, they are significantly darker, the color has drained alot, and the quality has decreased. Picasa immediately darkened the images with no option for undoing its action. I uninstalled it, and installed a program called Total Image Converter. I searched for the folder with my RAW images in it, and they show up like they do on the camera, just the way they should. The preview (and subsequent convertion result) show the shot to be alot darker, once again. I can't seem to pinpoint a visible way around the problem. And for those of you shooting in RAW, what programs do you use to convert it for editing?

Any help is appreciated. I feel that if the problem cannot be fixed, than the shots are a waste.


As well, if you feel that you may be able to solve the problem, or think that the program you are using (if any) will not cause this problem, let me know and I can send you the original (RAW) and JPEG version through email.
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