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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
Good one! Then again as we all know it is the photographer, not the camera that makes the picture. Lloyd is a superb photographer and here is my favorite of his shots.

Image © Loyd Lowry
PhotoID: 385886
Photograph © Loyd Lowry

It was taken with Canon's most affordable DSLR, the Rebel XS proving yet again that you only need a good camera to take great pictures.

(I am more like the guy in the group shot with equipment dripping off him. And I come back with...not much.
Dennis, indeed Loyd is an excellent photographer, and I have been through his entire catalog here on RP trying to learn from him - and have learned much. He has a gift for seeing light and uses it well in his night photos. My favorite of his is this one, which still amazes me when I see it:

Image © Loyd Lowry
PhotoID: 379711
Photograph © Loyd Lowry

The picture of Loyd and the guys just struck me as funny - the biggest guy is holding a little camera, and the littler guys are loaded for bear!

Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Thank you for the kind word Dennis! The body has served me well over the last 110,000 shutter clicks. It'll be retired shortly though. I will admit that I have suffered alot of ribbing by my friends for having cheap equipment, so the therapy has been expensive..

Loyd L.
I'm glad to hear you got that many shutter clicks out of your XS. Canon says 100,000 for a life cycle and I always wondered how realistic that was. At the rate I'm piling clicks on my 60D it won't be that long until it gets there as well.
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