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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
Many good photographers among us would have said "screw it" rather than go through the exercise of "leveling." And---we would all thus be denied seeing a lot of great images. Too many rivet counters, too few train viewers.
Leveling a photograph today (i.e. digital) should be just another part of the workflow. You do everything else in post process, correct?.

Let's skip sharpening.. that's counting rivets. To heck with cropping! More rivets to count. Do some shadow highlight work with a cloudy day photo? Pfft, I hate rivets! May we all just come home from a hard day of foaming, and just upload everything on the computer, and call it done.

Yes, a bit sarcastic, but where does it stop? If leveling isn't important, why is anything else?

To be perfectly honest, I am OCD about every part of my photography. I want to display the absolute best photos I can. It starts in the field and doesn't stop until it is edited to the best of my ability. While my photography isn't great, it will be my best effort.

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