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Originally Posted by WMHeilman View Post
Ron, you're a great guy and an accomplished railroad photographer. It baffles me that you don't seem to agree about the leveling issue. It IS a problem, and I don't know if it's because people are lazy or just don't care.
Thanks. many really great shots never make it to because they're one degree or less (and debatable at that) out of level? I think there are quite a few (and many wonderful photographers too).

While we've hashed this over and over, I can't understand why one degree (again, debatable) is the difference between acceptance at "The Best Railroad Pictures on the Net" and "sorry, but your shot is rejected because it's a piece of crap." That's one major reason why many people go bat-crap crazy when their shots are rejected for what they view as a frivolous reason. Perhaps that's not important, but I think it denies us all a broader array of excellent images.

Do I try to level my shots as best I can? Yes! Do I have an inordinately high number of rejections because of "unlevel"? No! Guys---it's not at all about me. I do my best to use the digital tools in my kit to render decent images. Most (but not all) of the images I upload to are accepted. For those that are rejected---the world is not being denied anything all that wonderful to see. No loss at all. My photographic skills are meager compared to many of you.

As I said before, this horse is not only dead, it's decomposed. I don't mean to argue for the sake of arguing, as I've only offered my thoughts (and many of you have returned some thoughtful rebuttals).

We should move on now.
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