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Originally Posted by Holloran Grade View Post
Actually John, your photos are more popular than mine because I have almost three times as many, and yet my average is about the same as yours.

I guess I suck, and Dennis's ratio of average views versus pictures in the DB is way, way higher.

Now, lets see who comments about the RP ratio, I have an idea who is mathematically inclined.
I have a higher ratio than yu-oo, I have a higher ratio than yu-oo!

Actually, I am finding two differnt numbers. From my profile, I get the 2,870.77.

From the main website "Photo Stats" I get 2758.43. Same number of photos, same number of views total. My guess my profile retains the total of views that includes photos that I have had deleted.

We all pale compared to David B. Davies. He has 9,333.87!

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