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Originally Posted by Moffat Road View Post
I realize both of my images are similar, but they were photographed and submitted almost two years (20 months) apart. We have all rephotographed a scene (perhaps a favorite) to try to get a better quality photo. I’d like to think that the second one is in better light and on a clearer day.

I’ve seen submissions accepted on the same day from the exact location, same wedge angle, with only the locomotives being different. Are my two images really on the same par?

Besides, when you think about it, everything has been photographed before…

Sorry Mitch, if you think “Admin is simply trying to avoid making any further mistakes of a similar nature.” I’d like to think my two image examples are “years apart,” maybe even an improvement and not a “mistake.”

Mike Danneman

P.S. I went out yesterday afternoon to Rocky and Little 10 Curve, since the weather was great and air really clear… now I’m afraid to post any of the photos because I’ve shot there before.
So, Mitch, now that I have posted this, were you serving facetious with a side order of hornswoggle?
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