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First one looks like what I think of as bright overcast. Second one, I see what you are seeing. I bet a bit of brightening and certainly the second gets in, a bit more and maybe the first gets in.

Night shot - welcome to RP! I would think that, will all your RP experience, you would know that RP prefers such shots to be on the bright side. Doesn't matter if that is correct or realistic. A bit brighter and a bit more contrast will appease the RP gods. Whether you want to do that to your pic is, of course, up to you. It won't be the first time someone has altered the reality to appease the gods, and of course if you go the other was it won't be the first time someone has decided those gods should not be deferred to.

In all three cases, only a small adjustment is warranted.

BTW, Loyd, that looks like the early side of blue hour to me! Admittedly, you have spent much more time shooting blue hour than I have.
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