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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
I'm very curious as to how a non-prime lens with such a huge range costing just over a grand could be money well spent? Since Steve Schmollinger's exit from RP, I have rarely seen a photo accepted to the database taken at a focal length over 200 mm.
I didn't buy it for the choo choos, but I've found that when I narrow my vision, I sometimes end up seeing more. While the Tamron is lacking a bit in several areas (softer past 450mm, vignetting, slow), it's what I needed to have reach with a full frame. I carry 3 lenses, and I'm covered from 14mm to 600mm.

I won't clog up Mr. Frybourg's post with example shots, but you can find them on my facebook, if you haven't seen them already.

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