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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
"Composition (Too Loose): The image is too loosely composed, meaning that there is excessive dead/empty space between the subject and the edges of the photo."

I thought this was a slam-dunk to get in, but whoever screened it thought otherwise (maybe they thought my "batting average" was getting too high).

If anything, I'd say the back of the train is too close to the edge of the frame. And for a website professing to want images meeting the Rule of Thirds, there's no way this should be rejected for "too much space" between the lead unit and the left frame edge. I bet if you open that up in Lightroom, you'll find the lead unit is pretty much right on your ROT line for the "left" third!

P.S. I think Jim's "top/left" crop seems to make it work better.

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