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I'm not particularly good at shooting in the rain, but I have learned a thing or two. If the shutter speed is much more than 1/250th, the rain no longer looks nice and streaky. Instead, you see the individual raindrops, and there is not much to convey motion. It is akin to photographing a helicopter or turboprop aircraft at a high shutter speed. The resulting image just looks strange. Jacking the ISO and stopping down helps as well.

Rain and snow seldom look uniform, like the blurred noise depicted in the link that Mitch sent. Droplets or flakes closer to the lens will look quite different than ones that are farther away. As someone else pointed out, your ability to see them in the image depends upon where you look in the image. If you look at this one of mine, the rain is most apparent when the background is dark, such as the locomotive tender:
Image © Kevin Madore
PhotoID: 503816
Photograph © Kevin Madore

It is much harder to see in the lighter areas of the image. Headlights and well-lit smooth surfaces in the foreground will also highlight the rain streaks and the impact splashes that you would normally get in a "gully-washer."

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