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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
The "interestingness" of the content needs to outweigh the negative of the less-than-ideal lighting. A very subjective call on the screener's part. Of course, you can play with highlights/shadows, contrast and saturation to tip the balance in your favor.
The "interestingness" might be the issue with this subject. I do recall all but one image of this railcar being rejected - including sunny shots so it may be that the screener really doesn't like it. Anyway they should just say that it is not interesting rather than it's too common etc. As far as photo editing is concerned I steer clear of Lightroom because of "grain." I shoot RAW, adjust highlights etc and convert in Canon DPP, edit and resize JPG in Photo Shop Elements and sharpen in DPP. If anyone wants to demonstrate what they can do, the full size image can be downloaded from

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