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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
Like Kevin, I process almost entirely in Lightroom, and I learned through lots of trial and error. I'm also curious about your observation of LR's introduction of "grain". Are you applying any Noise Reduction> I add quite a bit after sharpening, but I am processing slides, which may present challenges different from those of pure digital images.

Doug Lilly
Thanks Doug. I have not personally used Lightroom but I had some of my images processed in it by others and was shocked by what appears to be grain when looking at images even at 100%. I experimented processing RAW images in PSE 11 but had what looked like the same issue (though not nearly as much). Noise reduction didn't make a noticeable difference so I went back to using Canon DPP to edit RAW. I take a minimalist approach - optimizing white balance, removing any color cast and basic highlight/ shadow fine tuning. I probably need some serious tuition because I don't seem to get past the error stage with anything much more than this!
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