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Originally Posted by Mberry View Post
Yep, it's gallery time... Share your 5 favorite shots of 2016.
Did you decide the normal ten shots was too much?

Mine in no particular order.

My last day shooting my favorite railroad before a move to Montana...everything lined up that day.

Image © duluthtrains
PhotoID: 597041
Photograph © duluthtrains

A impromptu Michigan trip yielded the best of the spoils- Green U-Boats in perfect light. If I was still in MN I would be making this trip more frequently, its a very beautiful area.

Image © Max Medlin
PhotoID: 586334
Photograph © Max Medlin

A shot of one of my crews pulling empty's back to the BNSF with many Duluth icons pictured. I am forever thankful for the opportunities I had working for this company.

Image © Max Medlin
PhotoID: 565690
Photograph © Max Medlin

Also on the Michigan trip, some personal contacts were able to secure some behind the scenes shots, which were a wonderful look inside this neat little railroad.

Image © duluthtrains
PhotoID: 596795
Photograph © duluthtrains

Image © duluthtrains
PhotoID: 596796
Photograph © duluthtrains

I have always loved this hill, and it requires a pickup truck with a toolbox in the bed to stand on in order to get this shot. Haven't had many chances to shoot here, but lucked out with a good leader and nice steaming pellets

Image © duluthtrains
PhotoID: 587493
Photograph © duluthtrains
I personally have had a problem with those trying to tell us to turn railroad photography into an "art form." It's fine for them to do so, I welcome it in fact, but what I do have a problem with is that the practitioners of the more "arty" shots, I have found, tend to look down their nose's at others who are shooting more "mundane" shots.
Railroad photography is what you make of it, but one way is not "better" than another, IMHO. Unless you have a pole right thought the nose of the engine! -SG
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