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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I've pretty much given up on RP views. Everybody (but me) appears to be "juicing" their views by linking to something.....forums, websites, Facebook groups, etc. Even friends who never used to link are linking. To24 is really meaningless now. It should be relabeled "Most heavily promoted of the day."

I understand everyone's desire to have their photos looked at. If we didn't care about it, we'd keep 'em all on our own private hard drives. To24 was originally created to showcase the most popular photos on the site.....the implication being among site viewers. Linking has pretty much invalidated the original concept. It's like stuffing the ballot box.

If they can't base To24 on site views alone, I'd prefer to see To24 eliminated altogether, and allocate more home page space for the PoTW and the SCAs. At least those are generally photos that are worth a look.

Just to let you know, Kevin, you are not the only one that doesnít link photos to get views. I never have, and donít plan to either. I figure if I have any extra time to do stuff like that, I should use it to process some more photos from the backlog, or better yet, head out and do some more photography.

Mike Danneman
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