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Within the past week, a rail train has arrived in Mullins, SC, and is backed up on RJC's track to where the Marion County railroad starts.

Also, along the track there are a lot of piles of ties.

Documents presented to the Horry County Council's Transportation Committee, show that plans to put in heavy, welded rails will extend to Nichols SC, and heavy tie replacements will be done thru MP 339, 11.?? miles before the end of the line at Oak Street in Myrtle Beach.

MP 339 is in the vicinity of the Atlantic Center For Business and Industry outside of Conway, where the heaviest traffic, supposedly including that to the Vulcan plant would go.

Nothing yet in Myrtle Beach, except some construction at the Depot there, said to be booked for all kinds of events well into 2019. There have been some claims that RJC's contingent lease east of the waterway is not finalized, and I have not seen any RJC maintenance vehicles in Myrtle Beach, but under that lease (which excludes the sabotaged Pine Island Drawbridge), RJC is obligated to keep the track free of weeds, which has been done recently.
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