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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
I don't really look for starburst but here is recent I messed up some but maybe demonstrates something????.

First is slight crop, with some shadow reduction but pretty sharp edge around the ditch light and a slight burst(I prefer). Second is a crop with less shadow reduction and a pretty good burst. Even tho my position is the same, the distant shot grabs the headlight at an angle similar as if I were shooting head on. Modern prime at 4.5

I too have found the BEST "starbursts" are achieved with good prime lenses. The Nikon G-series primes work great, even at f/8. I also second the advice that others are providing with respect to getting rid of any filters you might have on the lens whenever you have bright light sources in the frame. On night or sunrise/sunset shots, I always take the filters off. Come to think of it, I am ditching filters most of the time now.

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