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First one - night shots are tough, matter of taste. This one looks very good to me, and very interesting with the shadows - it works for me here, although a no-no for daytime! I suggest appealing. I wonder what other people in this forum will say.

Second one - maybe a simple mistake by the screener in pushing a button, maybe Bad Crop was intended? I'd crop from the top and the right.

Third one - I'd go for a tighter crop. You have the train dead center, and this shot looks like it really needs a rule of thirds treatment - I'd crop the right and top. Since the train is so small, there is greater emphasis on the surroundings, and they are a bit dull, especially on the right. Crop the right and it becomes more of a picture of train vs. rock outcropping, always interesting (to me). I'd prefer that the shot have been made when the train came a bit closer - maybe you have that one also? The train is so small...
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