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Originally Posted by Two-Tone-Green

This is the second shot of the 3rd photo in my previous post yet again it was uploaded and rejected.

BTW all the shots you see have seen appealed, but to no avail
It would help greatly to know the reason for rejection (as you gave for two of the first three).

For the fourth one, my opinion is that all the action is on the center and left, the train and rocks. The right side is much less interesting and should be cropped. Also, the sky is problematic to my tastes, maybe a crop off the top. Also, you have the side of the train in shadow, always a negative factor for RP.

Presuming that what you are showing is the full image (so you can't add to the left while you crop from the right), I would seriously consider a vertical composition on this one, cutting top and right. I would like it! Just one opinion.

As for appeals, remember, that is no panacea. I think it is much more often the case that the photographer fails to see the criticism leading to the rejection than the screener has made an error. Those guys have sharp eyes! Just curious, what reason did you give for the appeals? My sense is that if you can't express a reason for the screener to change their mind, you should not expect acceptance on the go around. To my eye only the first of the four is worthy of appeal unchanged.
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