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Default Night photting tips

Originally Posted by Stephen T.
how can i change the compression of the pic. i did notice the pixelation and was a lil surprised at how bad it was. Camera is set to large/fine jpeg's.

when im saving it, do change the resolution settings in ps? the susyq seem tobe keeping the night train down this end more often so i'de definitely do this shot again....with less wind of course. I just dont want the pixelation problems again. This is the first night shot i've taken that looks this bad to.
Assuming you are shooting in RAW, once you have processed the image, save it as a TIF file and not a JPEG. Then if you need to do some further work on the image which may culminate in multiple saves, a TIF will not lose quality whereas a JPEG will. Only save as a JPEG when you have finished the image, and when you are preparing the image for display on the web. When you finally save the image as a JPEG, your software should ask you for a compression value (usually on a scale of 1 to 12). Select the highest value (12).
If you are not shooting in RAW, then I suggest that you do, as it is much easier to adjust white balance and control shadow and highlight details. Your picture could have done with a little white balance adjustment as it has a very heavy yellow / orange cast. I would also recommend shooting night shots at the very lowest ISO setting possible with your camera to reduce noise.
The subject of tripods should not be forgotten either. Cheap tripods have a tendancy to move slightly in fairly low winds, and they are also more prone to blowing over in a wind which may result in a big bill for a new camera. It is best to have a fairly heavy, good quality sturdy tripod rather than a teeny weeny flimsy one. I have recently spent 100 on a new tripod to replace my old expensive tripod which lasted me nearly 20 years. So as you can see it is worth spending that sort of money as you probably wont need to spend it again for a couple of decades.
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