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Originally Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
No, it could still be a dangerous chemical, liquid, gas, etc. There was a shot in the newest Railpace of a P&W loco and one tanker of anhydrous something that starts with an 'a'. (Will look it up when I get home.) Like Mike said, if its a short run than a buffer might not be needed.

Mike, my apologies for the misunderstanding, I got it now! BTW, that sounds like it would be a cool chase. Short unit trains are always fascinating.
Probably Anhydrous Ammonia.

It doesn't matter how short the run is, you must have at least one buffer car at all times. I work a roadswitcher that goes 10 miles out of town and switches some industries and we always take one buffer car. Of course, sometimes the crew "forgets" the buffer car so you might see a train without any.
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