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Thanks everyone for all your input!
It seems like the majority of you upload photos to share them and to get publicity. Nothing wrong with that. Personally, sharing my photos and getting known isn't all that important to me. I would be perfectly fine if I never get to be anymore known that I already am (hardly). I do this because I enjoy photography, not to become famous. Being happy with a photo that I took is all the satisfaction that I need and I don't need someone else to tell me if a photo is good or bad. It is nice to get feedback (good and bad) on my photos from people on RP, but I typically go to my railfan friends for that simply for the convince factor and I trust their C&C. I think I'm not all that motivated to share my photos because I don't think I have anything all that revolutionary to share. Plus, once photos get on here, what good are they doing? In my opinion I have some pretty good photos, but RP doesn't improve from having my photos here. For example, when a photo is in a magazine with an article, the photo has meaning because it helps convey a story or information to the reader. The only time that has happened on RP for me is with the McCloud Railway in California.

Maybe I'm overly worried, but the thought of someone posting my photos someplace else without proper consent/credit doesn't sit well with me. I didn't go through all the trouble, time and money to get these shots so someone else can you use them as their own. Sadly, this is the internet and there is no full-proof way around this so I'll have to get over it if I want my stuff on the internet. I'm not too worried about people stealing photo from my personal website mainly because not too many people visit the site. Also, most of the photos on that site are "replaceable." Meaning that I can almost completely recreate that photo another day. With RP, a huge amount of people visit the site and the chance of someone stealing your photos is much higher.

Some of you have made reference to my website. The primary reason for that website is not for a place to show my TC&W photos, but to share the all the TC&W information I have. I have boxes and boxes full of information on the stupid little shortline and I'm constantly getting new information and I want to try to share it. Compared to photos, people can actually use this information to their advantage and that's why I have the website. The photos are there just to let people who aren't from the area to be able to see what things look like. Plus, I enjoy writing HTML so it's a nice fit.

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