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Originally Posted by Jaypee_Logger
Thats the truth Bob. If you have any question about the railroad, ask a foamer. As from my point of view on the train i always wave to railfans, kids by the tracks watching trains, and people stopped at crossings. last winter I had a couple guys follow me from Ellensburg, WA to just outside Pasco, WA(about 100 miles). they must have seen me wave about 15 times. I wish they would have posted the pics somewhere so i could see them but no luck.
A friend of mine who is an ex-BNSF engineer had someone follow him the whole way across Tehachapi Pass, and the person was even bold enough to ask when the train stopped if it could be moved slightly forward to a better spot for the photo! The funny thing was that, yes, he parked it in the exact spot the person requested. If only all engineers could be that accomodating to railfans!

Regarding the original topic, I see absolutely nothing wrong with crews waving in a shot. My son and I have several shots like this on here, a couple of examples:

Image © Carl Becker
PhotoID: 189244
Photograph © Carl Becker

Image © Louis Becker
PhotoID: 154285
Photograph © Louis Becker

IMO, for the OP, keep on waving. If they have a problem with that, then it's theirs, not yours.
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