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Default Two Days with the NS Derby OCS

The end of April and the start of May are always a good time for a rail photographer around Kentucky. While everyone else concentrates on the horses, I concentrate on the Derby trains that come from all directions...usually.

This year, with high gas prices, limited time due to work, and the fact I just cant seem to bring myself to shoot anything painted CSX or R.J. Corman anymore, I spent my time with the NS OCS and the F units. That required getting up at 0430 on a Sunday morning to try my luck at some night shots and hard to shoot light just after dawn, and then a day out dodging all the other fans that seem to come from every nook and cranny to shoot the outbound move. Both days worked out well, with some serious pre-planning of shots. I think I got some of my best stuff yet with the NS F units, and got to hang out with a few of the guys that I dont get to see that often...well worth the $200 in gas it cost me.

I have a few of the better ones here on RP, and you may have already seen those. The entire trip reports with all the images can be found at these links.

Inbound Derby NS OCS

Outbound Derby NS OCS
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