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This is the kind of crap that makes it complicated. I'm running CS2 and OS 10.3.9 on my desk top whose processor is too slow to allow me to upgrade to OS10.5 (I never got around to 10.4). And of course CS2 won't run on anything higher than 10.4. I like CS2 and have no interest in giving Adobe more money for a newer version, much less investing in the hardware necessary to support it. But I initially was frustrated because CS2 could not convert the raw files on my new D90 (it handles my D40 just fine).

On the other hand I have a nice new MPB with OS10.5 (Leopard) and all the neat new stuff that gets bundled with it. And I invested in both Aperature and PSE 6 (the combined cost of which is far less than any new version of Photoshop CS). It handles all the D90 stuff just fine.

A friend who is in the computer graphics business made a very helpful observation. Where I really need CS2 and all the stuff it will do is for my scanned slides. All the formats and work flow for that works very nicely on my old desk top with its "ancient" OS and software.

The pix coming out of the D90 need little tweaking most of the time. CS2 is overkill for them, and either Aperature or PSE is more than enough to make the relatively modest adjustments those pix need.

So basically I have two different sets of hardware, software and work flow, one for scanned pictures and one for digital images.

That works for now. Who knows about tomorrow.
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