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Originally Posted by John West
This is the kind of crap that makes it complicated. I'm running CS2 and OS 10.3.9 on my desk top whose processor is too slow to allow me to upgrade to OS10.5 (I never got around to 10.4). And of course CS2 won't run on anything higher than 10.4. I like CS2 and have no interest in giving Adobe more money for a newer version, much less investing in the hardware necessary to support it.
Don't feel bad, John...I still have a G3 with OS 9.4 on it because the 2-track music editing program that I use for one of my jobs was never upgraded to be used on OSX. And being the stubborn fart that I am, I refuse to spend more money on a newer program when this old program still works perfectly for me.
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This pretty much sums it up:
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