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Originally Posted by JimThias
Don't feel bad, John...I still have a G3 with OS 9.4 on it because the 2-track music editing program that I use for one of my jobs was never upgraded to be used on OSX. And being the stubborn fart that I am, I refuse to spend more money on a newer program when this old program still works perfectly for me.
I ran OS 9 for a long time, worked fine for me. I had to upgrade to OSX for CS2, but maintained OS 9 on my machine because the OS 9 driver ran my Epson printer far better than the OSX driver. I would still have OS 9 for the printer except I upgraded my video card to run a digital screen and the new video card did not like OS 9.

My wife still has her G3 although she only uses it as a table top now....the Mac mini does all the work.
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