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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey
From Aperture, going to PS is painless.

Aperture has much more powerful filing and search options compared to what I was doing on my own. The Adjustments tool is my favorite since it is easy and it makes me look like Steinheimer. However I'm still very much on a learning curve. I wish I could get good instruction on it. (I also wish my brain was faster, but heck you can't have everything.) Any web/book/course recommendations from you guys?

John West, what about going to PS Elements?
If I ever buy another Photoshop version I can guarantee you it will be Elements not an expensive CS version. Having been burned once by Adobe, I don't plan to let them do it to me again. As much as I like CS2 the fact is PSE can do about everything I need, especially with digital originals which come out of the camera looking pretty good. Where CS2 comes in handy is with the scanned slides, some of which are old and faded and in general need a lot more post processing. CS2's color correction tools are a whole bunch better.

When I got my new MBP I got PSE for it. But as my dissatisfaction with Adobe grew, I purchased Aperature as well. My guess is if I ever figure out how to use Aperature it will be ideal for most photo stuff I do. But like you I am on a steep learning curve and moving slowly.
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