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Back in ND, I was informed when I asked, but I never wanted to abuse the privelege; I didn't want to be a pest. I was super informed when I had access to BNSF's ODIS system...that was awesome. And equally cruel when it went away. But, man, what a resource! BNSF should make that a pay for access type deal...they'd earn a mint!

Since the move to CO, it's mostly blind luck with a little information thrown in now and then. I had some local railfans' help nailing down the ex-DRGW unit's schedule in town and I get info on UP 1989's movements (mostly after-the-fact), but for now, it's I-Get-What-I-Get when I go out. If there is something special moving, it'll pop up on the public railfan resources around here...
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