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Well, at least hope you dont get arrested for theft. I always wonder when I see things like this for sale on ebay. As far as the illegality of posessing a radio that is capable of transmitting, I have heard both ways, its better to ask an actual lawyer. Cops are so misinformed of the laws they are paid to enforce its silly, especially a fringe type law like this. I was once railfanning in Tampa and 2 cops (in 2 cars mind you) come blazing up lights on and accused me of being a copper thief. I was sitting in my truck at 78th street crossing just waiting with my scanner on and camera equipment and the cops came and gave me the 20 questions for about half hour, ran my license, asked about my scanner, etc. I was sitting on public property, they said someone at CSX called me in. After my l checked out with no wants or warrants, they left, acted apolagetic actually after they realized I wasnt doing anything wrong, but as I was waiting they kept asking me questions, I told them I was taking pictures of trains and both of them thought it was the strangest thing, one of them even went as far as to tell me if I like trains so much why dont i work for the railroad. I find it frustrating to explain the hobby to people, I dont even bother. All this post 9-11 security nonsense really is absurd, the terrorists won. Bin Laddin is sitting in a cave somewhere laughing at us.
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