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Originally Posted by Scolagiaco View Post
Not my fault the attendant didnt do her job by not letting me in. And there is no signs posted that say otherwise.
I have to admitt that I find it hard to believe that a railfan doesn't know Amtrak's no platform policy. It's kinda been mentioned over and over in railfanning circles lately. It's been in every Trains magazine since it was announced. (I don't have a subscription right now, but they carry them in ever Books A Million I go to.)

Ignorance of the law, of course, is no defense. If you get caught doing 55 in a 35, don't expect to tell the LEO that you didn't see the speed limit sign and get away with it too often.

About the scanner, it seems that you got screwed. Such is often the case when buying something on line. I don't do scanners anymore, but I'd like to think that someone selling a CSX two way radio on eBay would sound off an alarm or two to me. At least to the point of asking around first if this was on the up and up.

Amtrak's policy sucks and it needs to change. But as for now, it is Amtrak's policy. I'd like to be able to go down to the station here in Columbia and get a shot one night, but I suspect that's not happening. Station platforms aren't the best area for photography anyway, but Amtrak only runs at night through here, so I guess for now I'm out of luck until Amtrak is way late again or until they run another private car train through here.
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