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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
I think of it this way. If someone is renting a home and I am taking photos from their front lawn, and they request that I leave, I simply will not. However, if their landlord (the actual owner of the property) asks for me to leave, then obviously, I'm going to leave. This is what the "photographers right" clearly states.
1) You have no right to be on private property, whether it is rented or owned by someone.

2) Someone renting that private property does have a right to be there and is in control of it. If they tell you to leave, they are in the right. You are the trespasser.

3) There is nothing in the Photographer's Rights statement that mentions the word lease or rent. You are simply assuming that owner does not refer to leasers and renters. Let me assure you that you are wrong. If you are on my front yard and I am renting the home. I have a right to be there and you do not. If I call the police and you still refuse to leave, you will be arrested.

If you are standing on the street, you can take a picture of my house, whether I own or rent it.

I post this not to join this fight (I honestly am annoyed by it) but to try and protect you from what could be a very ugly situation based purely on your misunderstanding of the law.
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