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As I grow older, I discover that "Common Sense" isn't as common as I once thought.

When I was out at Nevada Northern in February, I elected to chase vs. ride the wreck train out to Keystone on Sunday afternoon.
Image © Kevin Madore
PhotoID: 321356
Photograph © Kevin Madore

At a grade crossing in Lane City, I stopped to shoot the approaching train, when I became aware that another one of the photo shoot participants had taken a position 30 feet or so to my right.....standing squarely in the gauge. When I realized what was happening, I began yelling to him, thinking he was so focused on his damned video camera that he didn't realize he was in harm's way. All he did was get very angry with me for yelling, but he just kept right on shooting video from between the rails. The dude wouldn't move until the Engineer basically stopped the train about 100 ft. short of his position. Fortunately, NN trains don't go very fast, and this run was uphill. The hell of it was that the guy was wearing some sort of uniform that led me to believe that he was a crewmember from another steam tourist railroad.

Takes all kinds, I guess....

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