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Originally Posted by BR549 View Post

Here are links for the 2 pages of the October 10 issue of the Tabor-Loris Tribune which headline the first committee meeting with the Carolina Southern Railroad.
Thanks for the links, BR549. It seems to me that the editors of the Columbus County newspaper are much more interested in the railroad than the Myrtle Beach Sun News editors are, although the Sun-News dos eventually catch up with the quicker to report the story Columbus County newspaper.

I long for the Good Old Days of the mid 1980s, when the late Jerry Ausband, was the Editor of the Sun News, and every conceivable detail of the local railroad was reported in the moswt minute detail.

Driving along U.S. 501, one day I noted some ties along the railroad in Myrtle Beach.

The following day, the Sun News had a report on the tie replacement, with quotes from a SCL official, who said the ties were used yard ties, rather than new ties, since SCL was planning to file for abandonment of the Conway-Myrtle Beach track.

Also, there was an editorial in the Sun-News, saying that by installing used ties rather than new ones, SCL was strengthening their case for abandonment.

All of these reports and editorials on the railroad were a good motivation to get me out of bed in the morning, and get the day's Sun News to read of the latest railroad developments.

Sad to say, those days are Gone Forever.

R.I.P. Jerry Ausband. Your great newspaper coverage of the local railroad will Live Forever in the Garden of my Dreams and my Memories.
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