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Originally Posted by jnohallman View Post
I'm not ancient, but I did shoot film. Therein lies the issue. I guess it's because I wasn't then (nor am I now, I suppose) a "serious" photographer - I used that horrible product called color print film in my camera. Until Kodak came out with Royal Gold print film, I shot regular Kodak Gold film, or occasionally Fujifilm. Because I could load my camera with 200 or even 400 speed film, I wasn't subject to the same limitations that "serious photogrpahers" were with slow Kodachrome or Ektachrome or whatever, and I suspect a lot of amateur photographers in the last two decades before the digital revolution were probably in the same boat. That said, I read the caption with some interest, and appreciate the challenges involved.

Don't put yourself down for using colour print film.

I had periods of using print film before finally settling on slides for good in the mid 80s. I'm now scanning them in slowly - they don't look too bad.

All of these shot on Kodak 100 and 200asa colour negative film - whatever was the Kodak standard film at the time

View at original size for best quality

Press here to see my pics on

More pics here D1059 on Flickr
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