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Originally Posted by Wizzo View Post
Don't put yourself down for using colour print film.

I had periods of using print film before finally settling on slides for good in the mid 80s. I'm now scanning them in slowly - they don't look too bad.
Nice shots, too!

Whenever I had a little extra money as a teenager (not often), I bought color print film in the '60s (Kodacolor-X--with an ISO rating of 64). When exposed properly, it rendered really nice prints. However, the grain became more noticeable as the size increased--much more than, say, a Kodachrome-II slide (of that era). Slide projectors were still pretty clumsy (and expensive) affairs then, so--along with most folks--I preferred prints, which I could look at easily, put in an album, or whatever. I rarely shot slides until about 1969, but didn't really switch to slide film most of the time until 1973.

Digital technology has allowed me to go back to some of those old negatives and salvage some decent shots. These images were all scanned from old Kodacolor-X images, all in the span of 1965 to 1968:

Image © Ron Flanary
PhotoID: 195189
Photograph © Ron Flanary

Image © Ron Flanary
PhotoID: 182306
Photograph © Ron Flanary

Image © Ron Flanary
PhotoID: 222208
Photograph © Ron Flanary

Image © Ron Flanary
PhotoID: 395940
Photograph © Ron Flanary

This one was shot in very low light, so the depth of field and sharpness suffer:
Image © Ron Flanary
PhotoID: 392438
Photograph © Ron Flanary

As others have noted, color print film wasn't all that bad (Plus, it got much better as the years went on.)
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