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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
Hi Daniel,

To me, it just doesn't display a lot of unique railroad characteristics that make it appealing. While I suppose subjective, it just doesn't do a ton for me personally. My 0.2 cents.

Since when does appeal have anything to do with acceptance?

It's a railroad related subject and in my opinion much more appealing then a plethora of diesel wedgies under gratified overpasses, yard shots, or nondescript locations surrounded by telephone poles. And easily as interesting as some doors, notes and spikes.

I think it could be considered rather frustrating to play utilizing a set of inconsistent rules. There are dozens (likely upwards of 100) trackmobiles on RP already - why single one out, one as unique as this?

I'd drop it down in the frame a bit to avoid "bad crop" and then might even consider bringing back the last RP craze and adding a slight vignette to make the colors pop a bit more. Very slight, but some.

Good luck!

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