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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
In this specific case, the railroad characteristics I'm referring to is the lack of detail in the scene. This photo is more or less a roster shot of a unique piece of equipment, but not a ton of surrounding railroad elements to support the scene. The driver of the vehicle is making a reverse move presumably. Why not adjust the composition and capture more of the background to show us the trackage?

From a technical standpoint, roster photos should be captured under ideal lighting. This photo seems like it was captured under diffused lighting and the exposure itself is slightly overblown. It's cropped tightly, as mentioned.

Does the current composition, exposure, and crop of the photo influence its aesthetic quality? Is the subject of equal technical quality as others in the database of its kind? I like the subject, but I almost feel like it's cut short. I want to see more of the scene, the terrain in the background, and the type of trackage this unique piece of equipment is operating on.
Ah, now that does make more sense. Thanks.

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