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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Think it is unfortunate, something I looked forward to see. It also was a good post "screening" which demonstrated that some members were looking with a critical eye. It was a little disconcerting to see some poor photos make it to the top.

In terms of the site owners I think it performed a quality control, something that should be welcomed. As they say, "Don't shoot the messenger." It also provided an outlet for some venting. It is better for the site to have an outlet than to have people simply take their ball and go home. I notice some quality people gone just since I started.

On the negative side it was getting a little too personal and some of the posts at the end tho humorous seemed to have little value. Seems a little less radical surgery would have been better.

Bob Jordan
Bob, you are right but we all know many discussions have taken place on various threads ( some of which I started) of how the screening process has it's woes and unfortunately this time it escalated too far. The hints were brushed off as I would think some of them were read by the screeners (just normal policing of their site and screening the forum from time to time) or it seemed the message wasn't getting home and we only can think this time it did but we're are in the dark with no further comment.

Yes, it was a thread that wasn't going to die and people did venture to it as it was the top one most of the time and they had the power to kill it . The growing pains of the site and hopefully all comes out as a positive result, but time will only tell on that as some are still waiting for change (improvements) in other aspects.

Time to HIGHBALL to the rails, Rich

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