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More! Don't obsess about literal rule of thirds. Rule of thirds is a guideline. The underlying issues are balance and interest. Balance, in that one is looking for a placement that isn't too far "off." Interest, in that for many subjects, centered is not so interesting compared to away from center a bit. Here, you have so little going on right and, to a lesser extent, top, that the right side in particular, beyond the signal, doesn't carry any compositional weight. Dead space, to put it differently, which is a reflection not only of the space itself but of how that space fits with the rest. I would take a little more off the right. The tree trunks at the top, and the line separating the nearby trees from the distant trees, mean the top has a bit more oomph.

But ultimately it is a matter of taste. And, of course, no matter what you do, its high sun. Good luck!
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