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In 1990, I chased NKP 765 on a ferry move from Cincinnati to Huntington, WV, I was driving a used '86 Chevy Blazer that I had recently purchased. Apparently, it did not like the rigors of railfanning. At Wellsburg, Kentucky the engine seized and that was that. I was stranded on Kentucky Route 8 at Wellsburg, which is pretty close to nowhere. I hiked a mile or so and knocked on the door of a farmhouse. They let me use their phone and called a tow truck out of nearby Brooksville. I hiked back to the fallen vehicle and waited for several hours. The tow truck finally arrived well after dark and the driver was in a big hurry. He hooked up the Blazer (later nicknamed the Blazer Valdez for its habit of leaking vital fluids) and off we went. The first thing I noticed in the tow truck was the shotgun on the dashboard. I asked the mechanic about it and he flashed a badge at me and said he was the local Justice of the Peace and that they had a manhunt in progress. We tore along one lane roads in the pitch dark at absurd speeds for what seemed to be an eternity before we finally arrived at a shop. He had my Blazer off his tow truck before I was even out of the cab. After a few hours in Brooksville, a tow truck out of Cincinnati arrived and took me and the Blazer back to Cincinnati, where it soon got a new engine, only to drop its transmission three weeks later along the B&O St. Louis Division. Needless to say, I dumped the Blazer and bought a Ford Ranger which took over 200K miles of railfanning without a whimper!

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