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This says it all!

Another railfans account:

The story from my side is this... from the beginning.

I met up with Dave around Cajon Station - Dave points out an eastbound train turning out of Sullivan's Curve area on the Palmdale Cutoff.

Dave says, "Where You Want to Catch it?".
I say - Palmdale Cutoff at Swarthout Canyon Road... and off we jet.
I decided to head a bit east on the forest road that borders the right of way and see this road that leads up one of the bordering hillsides so I take and Dave follows.

Turns out the road was not what I expected so we quickly reverse and head back down. Dave got down first and from what I can tell, attempted to make a right turn to keep heading east down the original road, but had to reverse due to the wheel base of his truck. In making that reverse move his drive wheel just dug in to the ground.

So I come down behind him about 20 seconds later and he is outside his truck yelling at me to do something through my passenger side window. I am oblivious to his truck being stuck.. finally I roll down the window and he says... "Go Stop the Train, It is going to Hit me"

It then dawns on me, before I head back up to Swarthout Road, I grab my toe strap from behind my seat and toss it in the back of Daves truck... no time to strap up and attempt to pull it out.

I head up the road, and do my best to catch the attention of the engineer that there is a truck up ahead very close to the tracks. Until he actually gets alongside of me and hears me yell truck and point, I think he thought I was a bit crazy for waving my arms around. I think about that same time either himself or his conductor spotted Dave doing the same thing in the middle of the tracks. About two cars passed my truck, the train was put into emergency.

I hopped back in the truck and threw it in reverse back all the way to where Dave was.. amazed that the truck was still in it's same place. The train breaks were smoking, the whole area was full of smoke from that.
We both stood watching pretty helpless at that point as train cars of all sorts (it was a mixed manifest train) passed within' inches of the hood on Daves truck. I am talking within 2 and 3 inches at the most. Watching intesly at the oncoming cars hoping nothing such as a well car was on the end.
I snapped one photo of an autorack passing by the truck, and that was only after Dave mentioned something about it. His camera was in his truck.

After a few intense moments, the train screeched passed without hitting the truck... after the engineer figured that he had not hit the truck.. he continued the trek down the pass.

Our next adventure was to figure out how to get his truck out. We tied up the toe-strap but the his truck was at a bad angle for me to get mine in the right spot to pull him back without me digging in as well. And I could not get around it to pull it out from the front.

Digging out the back tire and pushing it did not help. Eventually Dave dug out the area around the front passenger tire and was able to crank the tires all the way to the right. Then he threw it into drive and we managed to rock the truck out of the hole wich was deep enough for about half the tire to fit in.

The hole is now a new obstacle on the road. The rest of the day up there we took it pretty easy as far as being adventurous... for good reasons.

See more of my train photos at:
See my train videos at:

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