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Originally Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
LOL! I knew I would get some heat for that one! I'm all for pins, heck I even collect them, but for those of you who have seen the movie Office Space, there is such a thing as too much "flare"! On camera bags and a few here and there on a shirt or hat is fine by me.

Hehe... I hear ya!

My camera bag has pins and buttons ranging from fallen flag railroads to Lynyrd Skynyrd to motorsports to the 2001 Cheyene Frontier Days to a button from when I was an exhibitor at a World's Greatest Hobby On Tour (model railroad) show. I also have a Canon bag, even though I shoot Nikon!

Originally Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
...I only have one [antenna] but it makes people hit the brakes when they find me tucked off of the side of the road somewhere behind a tree aiming a radar gun at them. Okay, maybe not that last part...
Chris G

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